Fuck Yo Couch – Dave Chappelle’s Show Reference – T-Shirt

by BlamTees

Cocaine is a Helluva Drug
Fuck Yo Couch T-Shirts and Hoodies - Chappelle's Show Rick James Tribute

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This t-shirt and hoodie design is a tribute to the Legendary sketch comedy TV Series – Chappelle’s Show – hosted by the great comedian Dave Chappelle.

Chappelle’s Show first aired in 2003 and went on through 2006, finally going off the air because Dave himself no longer wanted to do the show, despite being offered millions by Comedy Central to continue.

On Chappelle’s Show, there was a segment titled “Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories”.

Charlie Murphy is the brother of comedian and actor Eddie Murphy.

Before Charlie Murphy himself was getting real work as an actor or in the entertainment industry in general, he used to hang out in Hollywood and meet celebrities through his brother Eddie.

On a Chappelle’s Show True Hollywood Stories segment, Charlie recalled meeting Rick James, who was a wildly popular singer at the time, for his hit records such as “Superfreak” off of his “Street Songs” Album released by Motown Records.

Charlie mentioned that he had met lots of celebrities, but described being star struck when he first met Rick James.

For those who don’t know, Rick James was a heavy drug user, and was famously quoted as saying “Cocaine Is A Hell of a Drug “, in regards to his own use of the drug.

As Charlie Murphy tells his stories, they’re acted out in skits on the show.

In the this particular skit, Dave Chappelle played the part of Rick James, with Epic Success, instantly making his Rick James impression a massive hit. After the show aired, people of all ages were throwing out Chappelle’s Rick James quotes left and right.

As the now famous story goes:

Rick James came over to Eddie Murphy’s house, wearing muddy cowboy boats.

Eddie Murphy had just furnished his home with brand new suede furniture.

Rick James jumped on Eddie’s Couch, and propped his feat up on the brand new suede coach.

Rick James then started grinding the mud from his boats, all over Eddie’s Coach.

While Grinding his muddy boots on Eddie Murphy’s couch – Rick James shouted – “Fuck Yo Coach!”

Rick James continuously rubbed his muddy boots all over the new couch, and stared right back at Charlie and Eddie while doing it, still shouting “Fuck Yo Couch” and taunting them both by calling them “Darkness” , because, according to Charlie, Rick James thought Eddie and Charlie were the darkest skinned people on the planet.

Eddie and Charlie then gave Rick James a beat down.

Rick James screamed “Fuck Yo Coach” one last time, then painfully got up and went outside to his limo.

Eddie seemed to feel bad about what they did to Charlie.

Charlie thought that Rick deserved it, and that it was good that they give him a beating, because now he’ll be respectful if he comes by to visit in the future.

Charlie then explained that his prediction was way wrong, Rick James came back and acted the same way.

The Real Rick James was also featured on this episode of the show when the skit aired, and responded by using one simple phrase to explain his behavior: “Cocaine is a Helluva Drug”.

Dave Chappelle was credited with somewhat ressurecting Rick Jame’s career, not as singer, but in aiding him to make a return to the spotlight, by delivering his quotes in hillarious fashion, such as “Fuck Yo Couch!” and “I’m Rick James Bitch”

Sadly Rick James passed away on August 6th, 2004. The final episode of The Chappelle Show ended in 2006.

But The Legacy Lives On – You can help keep it alive by wearing these funny t-shirts and hoodies, with the “Fuck Yo Couch” phrase, referencing one of the greatest moments in sketch comedy history, as well world history (yup, because the skit was based on a true story).

The Rick James Tribute – Fuck Yo Couch T-Shirt or Hoody would make a hilarious gift for a friend.

Theses t-shirts and hoodies also are big hits that draw lots of laughs at parties and bars.

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