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Some People LOVE Trees A Little Too Much

Tree Fuckers - Tree Huggers Satire – Men and Women's Crazy T-Shirts
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Tree Hugger is a term frequently used loosely to describe someone who is environmentally conscious, typically someone who is an active environmentalist. The term is often used by people who are annoyed by these type of individuals, and thus it sometimes is intended to be, or is perceived as a derogatory term. However, some environmentalists embrace the term, referring to themselves as “Tree Huggers”.

Tree Huggers, in the literal sense, wrap their arms or bodies around trees, and often chain themselves to the trees so that they cannot easily be physically removed from the trees. This typically occurs when trees have been ordered to be destroyed or a forest is to be cleared out, usually for the further development of society, to build homes, shopping malls, etc.

This is where the term “Tree Hugger” derives from, the act of literally hugging a tree, with hope that whomever arrives to destroy the tree, will refrain from doing so, as they cannot easily do so, without also harming a human.

This act annoys developers, people in the construction business, and anyone who has been hired to remove the trees that these people are trying to protect.

The conflict arises because the “tree huggers” are trying to prevent the ax wielding lumberjacks, bulldozer operators, or whoever it is that’s attempting to remove the trees, from getting their job done. Tree huggers are legally in the wrong, because they do this on property that does not belong to them (unless they’re insane or something, and hired someone to demolish trees on their own property, and then flipped out when the people showed up, but yeah, that’s probably not too common).

However many environmentalists would say that people who chain themselves to trees, to delay or prevent their destruction, are committing a noble and highly commendable act, as they’re doing this to protect the environment and thus Save The Planet.

Whether or not tree huggers are actually doing a good thing or not is debatable. But we’re not here to debate that.

Now that we’ve established what tree huggers are, and how the term came about, it’s time to move into our intended subject of discussion, and dive into this controversial topic that the world is dying to discuss.

Tree Fuckers.

They’re a mystery. They may also be a myth (Cause we don’t know if any actually exist, but for the sake of argument, let’s assume they do).

What are Tree Fuckers? That’s what we’re here to debate. Is the world better WITH or WITHOUT them?

Tree Fuckers seem to be people who love trees just a little too much, people who take it just a little too far, tree humpers, to phrase it differently. For these people, merely hugging the trees isn’t enough, they can’t help themselves, so they take it a step further.

So the real question is, are these people tree lovers? Or tree haters? Sex can be an act of love, but rape is often an act of anger or hate. Do tree fuckers love trees, or do they hate trees? It seems that a tree couldn’t offer consent, so that implies rape, but maybe these people are so confused they assume consent has been offered, and they’re simply just taking their tree hugging a bit further?

We’re yet to meet a real live tree fucker (and we’re thankful for that), but if you meet one, or catch them in the act, you may want to ask them a question or two, to see if you can figure out what’s on their mind.

You’re chances of getting them to speak are potentially much higher, if you’re wearing this Tree Fuckers t-shirt.

This funny shirt has many purposes. The first being to show Tree Fuckers everywhere that you support them. The second, it can be used as a tool to expose the actions of these overly passionate people to the world, ie Tree Fucker Awareness. The third, just wear it out to party or a bar and watch people laugh at the witty randomness of this funny ass crazy t-shirt.

Be sure to get your funny environmentalism Tree Fuckers T-Shirt today! Wear it to the right place and turn some heads! (if anyone complains, tell them you’re wearing it for educational purposes and then explain the Tree Fuckers phenomena to them).

Get It Now and enjoy the Attention it brings you!

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