Tim Tebow Tribute – TebOWNED Crucifix – T-Shirts and Hoodies

by BlamTees

Opponents don’t just get OWNED by Tim Tebow – They Get TebOWNED
Tim Tebow Tribute - TebOWNED Crucifix - Mens and Womens T-shirts and Hoodies

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Pronounced: Teeb-OWNED!

The TebOWNED Crucifix represents Tim Tebow crashing through the defense and T-Boning the Goal Line as he breaks into the end zone for the score.

TebOWNED is a term that describes the way Tebow has Owned his opponents and the critics who said he could never win in the NFL.

TebOWNED is how the opposition feels while he’s busy winning.

TebOWNED is what defenders feel when Tebow crashes into them at full speed.

Tim Tebow the Denver Broncos Superstar Quarterback, and Florida Gators alumni QB has become one of the hottest players in the NFL. Despite the fact that he’s a nice guy and has remained scandal free, he’s surrounded by controversy. This is mainly due to the fact that many people, including NFL Players, former players, fans, coaches and the media, don’t believe that Tebow has what it takes to be a starting quarterback in the NFL. He has also won some fans over due to his religious beliefs, which are Christian, and his frequent praise of Jesus Christ. His Christian faith seems to rub some people the wrong way, as he is sometimes criticized for mentioning Jesus so frequently, and he has defended his actions by saying that he loves Jesus and will say it every chance that he gets.

Despite his critics, he took his Denver Broncos team that had 5 Losses and only 1 win all season prior to him starting, with playoff hopes all but gone, to first place in the division by winning 6 out 7 seven games once he took over as the new starting QB. This is due to the improved play of the Broncos defense, and Tebow’s late game heroics which have led to epic wins that seem almost magical.

John Elway the GM of the Denver Broncos, and John Fox, the head coach, were both hesitant to put Tebow on the field, as he was drafted and brought to the team by the old regime. Once the Broncos season seemed lost, they decided to give him a shot to determine whether or not he was worth keeping on the team. The Broncos started winning with Tebow as the new leader, and many people initially wrote it off as a fluke. The winning continued and people called it luck. They took over the division and now Tebow is starting to win over many of his critics as they’re starting to feel that he is legit. Others are taking it a step further and calling him the Savior of the Denver Broncos.

Tebow has great speed paired with great acceleration and is built like a bull, which causes great difficulty for defenders trying to tackle him, as he routinely plows through them and runs them over, a rare trait for a quarterback in the NFL. Tebow is best fit for the option offense, which is typically a high school and college offense, and almost unheard of at the professional level.

Some critics will still point out that Tebow is getting a great deal of help from his team’s defense, and that’s true, American football is the ultimate team sport, but Tebow seems to be such a hard working inspirational player, that he has sparked new life into the defense as they’re now playing much better than before. Good players play well, great players make the players around them better.

Is Tebow a great player? He’s still young and has a long way to go, but it’s hard to deny that he has the potential especially if he can become a more accurate passer. Regardless of what his future holds, right now he seems to be working Miracles on the football field.

It’s been said that when opposing players and teams taste defeat at the hands of Tebow, that they’re been “Tebowed”. Let’s get something straight though, Tebow has Tebowmania running wild for a reason, opponents aren’t just getting beat, or “Tebowed”; here at BlamTees, we have a better term for it – TebOWNED, because Tim Tebow has been OWNING virtually anyone and everyone who attempts to stand in his way, players, coaches and critics alike. Very few quarterbacks in the history of the league have plowed through defenders and OWNED them in the way that Tebow has.

The list of players and teams that have been TebOWNED grows every week.

Let all of the Tebow haters and critics know that they haven’t just been proven wrong – they’ve been – TebOWNED with one of these cool “You Just Got – TebOWNED” t-shirts or hoodies.

Tebow beat your friends team? Wear your t-shirt or hoody next time you plan to run into them. Let them know what time it is – TEBOW TIME!

These t-shirts and hoodies would also be great gear to wear tailgating or to a Denver Broncos game.

It’s the perfect non-offensive funny sports t-shirt.

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