Lemonade Stand – T-Shirt

by BlamTees

“All Natural with No Artificial Flavoring” – Isn’t Always A Good Thing

Lemonade Stand -  Funny Cute T-Shirt by Blam Tees

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Johnny and Jack and Jill – Set out to the Street – To sell some Lemonade.
Jack fell down, and Spilled the jugs, and Jill called Jack a bastard.

.. And thus – The Story begins..

Johnny said – “Don’t trip over trippin’ kids, cause look I got a plan.”
Jill said – “That’s all we have, now we’re Fucked, I don’t understand!”

Then Jack said – “WTF is up with all this rhyming? We got money to Make!”
Johnny smiled, grabbed the jug, went behind the tree, then pulled out his Snake.
Jill said, “Jack don’t worry about the Spill, just help Refill, so we can all get Baked”

And, as the story goes, little Johnny peed into the lemonade jug, until it was completely refilled.

Jill took the lemonade pitcher over to the Lemonade Stand, with the Lemonade 4 Sale sign, and set up for business.

Johnny, Jack, and Jill, were running their little Lemonade Business to earn some money, to support their favorite hobby, which was Smoking Weed of course. Or, when they were in the mood, Baking Weed Brownies in Jill’s Easy BAKED Oven (But that’s another story, and thus another T-Shirt entirely).

As people passed, Jill called out “Lemonade For Sale! Lemonade For Sale! Fresh Off The Tap! No Artificial Flavoring!”

Most people passing by on a Hot Day, couldn’t resist buying a Cheap Glass of Lemonade from Three Cute Little Kids. So business was booming and sales were through the roof!

Getting customers to come back for seconds, well, that wasn’t so easy. Because, as it turns out, most people don’t care much for Pee Lemonade. Or, “Piss Lemonade” as Jill now calls it (when the customers aren’t listening).

The three friends vowed to set up their Lemonade Stand every Summer, until they become too ugly, or uh, not cute enough, to lure in customers.

They all agreed to keep their business all natural, with no synthetics or artificial flavoring, and to always use completely homemade, organic, straight off the tap lemonade (aka piss).

The reason for this, was primarily economical of course.. Since the ingredients didn’t cost them any money – any income earned, was pure profit! Plus they seemed to believe it was the environmentally responsible thing to do, since they were Recycling after all (not to mention conserving water).

Also, Not using Sugar was Healthier for their Customers.

When Johnny, Jack and Jill grew up, they all went to off to College, to become Business Majors.

During their very first semester – They all failed out miserably.. Due to the fact that they frequently cut class to get stoned. (Then Johnny and Jack eventually went to Prison for dealing dope, while Jill began a semi-successful career as a prostitute.. until she one day disappeared, and was never heard from again).

But the point is, if you’re a clever, cute little kid, the value of piss, is equal to the price of lemonade, as long as no one knows the difference before they buy it. Or something like that.

And Remember, Support Your Local Lemonade Stand!
(Because kids need money for weed and other drugs!)

Now quit reading and Buy this Lemonade Stand shirt!
(or at least pass this on to your friends. They’ll love you for it!)

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