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U Mad Bro?
U Mad Bro - T-Shirts and Hooded Sweatshirts for men and women

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U Mad Bro? – Cause some people are.

Some people are claiming that this phrase is racist. Those people are so clueless that they should be extremely embarrassed, especially the ones who appeared on Fox News talking about it.

The reason some people are crying racism over U Mad Bro is because.. Well.. Here’s how it went down:

There was a high school football game.

The home team was apparently predominantly White / Caucasian.

The visiting team was apparently predominantly Black / African American.

The home team won (the white kids). Upon winning, the fans of the winning team, draped a huge banner down from the stands.

The Banner Read: “U MAD BRO?”

Some of the people in attendance (both White and Black) believed it was a form of “racial intimidation”.

This became so out of hand and overblown that the NAACP got involved.

Ironically, this shows how far equality has actually come, when the NAACP has time to get involved in events that are already over with, because phantom racist actions occured – ie – forms of racism that aren’t even real.

There was nothing racist about the “U Mad Bro?” banner.

“U Mad Bro ?” / “You Mad Bro?” – is an internet meme. (Just Like “Cool Story, Bro”).

It’s something that people started saying online to other people who make angry rants, or posts that indicate anger. In this context, the person using the phrase, usually has no idea what the person making the post actually looks like. This is something that started on messages boards before Social Networking was so huge. Many of these posts were made, with no way of seeing what the poster actually looks like.

The purpose of “U Mad Bro?” is to make a person who is angry, even madder. It’s ironic to ask if they’re mad, when they’re displaying obvious signs of anger. Being asked such a pointless question, often just adds to an angry person’s frustration, causing them to grow even madder.

It’s often used by Trolls who are just trying to get a rise out of people.

Its also used as a way to Troll – Trolls, right back. By ignoring everything they say, and only offering this frustrating response.

This internet meme carried over into online gaming. It’s a way of taunting someone who is angry, in the context of online gaming – the person who lost is angry about losing, and when the winner taunts them about it, it often further increases the anger of the loser.

The use of the U Mad Bro? banner was simply an act of carrying online terminology offline and using it in the real world (Just like with Cool Story Bro T-Shirts). Using it at a sporting event is the same as using the phrase while gaming online.

Lots of young people frequently use the word “Bro”, regardless of their ethnicity, and regardless of the ethnicity of the person whom they’re speaking to.

Some older adults are so out of touch with reality and our current culture that they’re seeing things that aren’t even there. They’re trying to address a problem that doesn’t exist. The only problem at all – is the problem that they created, through their attempt to condemn someone for an act that never took place.

This history lesson is over. Our Mad Scientist – U Mad Bro t-shirt is the shirt that you’ve been looking for, as it doesn’t just feature the phrase in plain text, but it puts a further ironic twist on it, by including a Mad Scientist in the design’s illustration, alongside an angry looking Frankenstein monster. They Mad Bro!

If these U Mad Bro? T-Shirts and Sweatshirts upset you, we’d like to say, with all sincerity – U Mad Bro?

This would also be a great gift for a science teacher or anyone interested in science.

It’s available for men and women – you can order it as a U Mad Bro Shirt or Hoodie.

Make Them Laugh or Make Them Mad – With This U Mad Bro T-Shirt – Get Yours Now!

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