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You Solved a Rubiks Cube? – Cool Story, Bro!
Cool Story Bro - Pop Culture Rubiks Cube T-Shirts and Hoodies for Men and Women

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At BlamTees - Every Shirt Has A Story

Cool Story, Bro – has become a huge part of our culture.

It’s unclear whether it started on the internet or in movies.

Regardless of its roots, the internet is where it blossomed. To Massive Proportions.

The phrase is typically used when someone tells a pointless story that no one cares about.

“Cool Story, Bro” is sometimes followed by “Tell It Again”

On an online message board or social network (like Facebook or Twitter), a story wouldn’t need to be repeated, as anyone legitimately interested in hearing it again, would be able to simply go back to where the story was posted, and reread it. So the use of “Tell It Again” really makes the sarcasm obvious.

This phrase is also used when someone posts an unnecessarily long story or makes a long post.

If the post is long, but not irrelevant, posting “Cool Story Bro” is considered a form of trolling.

In this context, “Cool Story Bro” is replacing a phrase previously used in the situation, which is – tl;dr

tl;dr – means “Tool Long Didn’t Read”. It’s considered trolling, because if someone didn’t bother to read it, they can’t know whether or not it’s useful, and thus the comment is made for the sake of annoying the poster. Annoying people for the sake of annoying them, is trolling.

The phrase has become so popular, it has migrated from the online internet world into the offline world of real life. That is why Cool Story Bro T-Shirts are so hot right now. People Love Them.

One Thing that helped create mainstream offline awareness of Cool Story Bro, is the fact the phrase has been used on MTV’s The Jersey Shore.

Generally when someone buys a Cool Story Bro Shirt, they want people to notice, so we created an interesting design that really stands out – The Cool Story Bro – Pop Culture Rubiks Cube.

If you’re looking for a Cool Story Bro T-Shirt or Hoodie that is a little more basic:

We also have a Text Only Cool Story Bro T-Shirt and Sweatshirt that you can see by clicking that link. However, we recommend this one, as it’s a lot more unique and interesting.

The Rubik’s Cube is part of our culture as it has been around for so long that practically everyone knows what it is and recognizes it upon sight. This is why we chose to combine The Rubiks Cube in a Design with Cool Story Bro. The Rubiks Cube in our Design also features other words that are currently extremely popular in pop culture right now, and that are related to the words the make up the “Cool Story, Bro” phrase.

All of this combined makes the design attractive, interesting, eye catching, and it all just makes sense.

It’s the type thing that will make people laugh, but they’ll also appreciate it’s witty uniqueness.

You Can Get – The Cool Story Bro – Pop Culture Rubiks Cube T-Shirt or Hoody – Now!

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