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by BlamTees

The – “Don’t COOL STORY Me, Bro” Mario Satire originally listed here has been discontinued.

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This is the Comeback Response to Cool Story, Bro.

What inspired the BlamTees – Don’t “Cool Story” Me, Bro – t-shirts?

Why do they feature a satire of the Mario Brothers?

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This t-shirt shows what happened to Luigi, after he Cool Story Bro’d his brother Mario.

The Mario Bros are no doubt violent, sometimes even killing just for sport.. or for points.

So it’s not surprising that just as Luigi was saying “Tell It Again” – Mario Punched him in the stomach.

Mario, clearly the leader of the Mario Brothers, the one that always takes charge and leads by example (he’s always the first player, right?), wasn’t going to put up with snide comments from his big little brother, nor was he going to let him have the last word.

Mario has always hated hearing the sarcastic Cool Story Bro phrase, as well as the t-shirts and hoodies, This is why he responded with the – Don’t COOL STORY Me BRO comeback line.

Mario also hates the Jersey Shore, besides the fact that he thinks it sucks more dick than a whore, he’s not a fan of being big and cut, or girls who don’t have ultra pale white skin and long blonde hair.

In reference to the girls on the Jersey Shore – Mario said “Look, a Good Woman is Worth Kidnapping, a Great Woman is Worth Rescuing. And there’s a reason that nobody has even bothered to kidnap these bitches from the Jersey Shore. I think that speaks for itself.”

Mario is also pissed that so many people think that “Cool Story, Bro” originated from the Jersey Shore. He would know too, because he’s always boring everyone with his various monotonous tales of how he saved the princess like a million times, so people have been slamming him with the phrase, since before those Jersey Shore kids were even born.

Cool Story Bro tell it again shirts and hoodies were featured on MTV’s The Jersey Shore, but those were bland and the show didn’t invent the phrase.

The phrase is a meme, and it’s hard to tell where it truly originated, but it’s been around for awhile.

You can get an awesome Cool Story Bro shirt or hoodie here.

Grab a Cool Story Bro shirt from the link above, and get this Don’t COOL STORY Me BRO response t-shirt for yourself. It would be a hit at a party, a bar, or even just walking around at a college campus.

These shirts are truly unique, and look spectacular together. They’ll no doubt pull lots of laughs.

The Mario Bros parody on these t-shirts puts a unique spin on them, and gives the phrase some context.

A Cool idea is to 1 Up everyone else, by wearing this set of Mario Bros Cool Story Bro Shirts, during Twin Day at school or work, or pulling a Thing 1 and Thing 2 type gimmick.

Something cool about these funny shirts with funny sayings, is that they are School Friendly and Safe for Work, so you are unlikely to get suspended or fired for wearing them, and that’s one positive aspect that these t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts have over many others.

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