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The Mario Bros Parody originally listed on this page has been discontinued..

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If you’re Mario, you probably do have some Cool Stories to tell, seeing as how you’ve Saved the Princess countless times. And that’s all good. But…

If you’re Luigi, you’re probably sick of hearing about Mario’s Princess Saving Stories, especially since you were down for the cause and helped out, but yet you receive none of the glory when he tells the story.

Eventually, Luigi is going to get sick of hearing these epic long stories, over, and over, and OVER.

Then Luigi is only going to have one thing to say: Cool Story, Bro. Tell It Again.

There is one more option, and that would be “STFU”, which would probably be Luigi’s response if Mario was texting the story him, you know since it’s only 4 characters and it’s quicker to type than Cool Story Bro.

With Mario being the face of the Super Mario Brothers, and therefore receiving all of the credit, video game cover shots and endorsement money, Luigi probably can’t even afford a phone with a keyboard on it, in fact, his cell phone is probably one of the old school ones, the type that were damn near a foot tall, if not more, and couldn’t even receive text messages. He’s got it bad.

Some might say that Luigi is just being a hater and is jealous of Mario’s popularity.

But, think about this – Luigi usually rolls with Mario on every mission. What do you think Mario talked about along the way through all of those levels across all of those worlds, for the past several years? That’s right – his past heroics in saving the princess. So you’ve got to admit that to Luigi, it would become frustrating to hear Mario retell all of the stories of his conquests, as if Luigi himself wasn’t there when it all went down to begin with.

This sarcastic Cool Story, Bro response, will lead to a Mario Brothers sibling rivalry.

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The History of Cool Story Bro:

Where did the phrase originate from? It’s seems that nobody really knows, it’s a meme that seems to have started on the internet, and became big at places such as YCP and 4chan.

In the context of an online message board, following “Cool Story, Bro” with “Tell It Again”, makes it clear that the message is sarcastic. Because on a message board, one user would never need another to retell a story, since the original posting of the story would remain, if someone was truly interested in hearing it again, all they would have to do is re-read it.

Cool Story Bro is also now being used as a new way of saying – tl;dr

“tl;dr” – Means “Too Long; Didn’t Read”, but when someone writes that, they’re actually not addressing the content of the post or story, as they are unaware of whether or not the story is interesting or relevant, because they admittedly didn’t read it. Thus tl;dr is generally considered trolling.

Cool Story Bro isn’t really an appropriate substitute for tl;dr, but it it’s becoming so popular that some people apparently can’t help but attempt to squeeze it into a situation whenever they possibly can.

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