Big Dick’s Wiener Shack – T-Shirt

by BlamTees

Get Stuffed – At Big Dick’s Wiener Shack

Big Dick's Wiener Shack - Bogus Promo Funny T-Shirt

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Big Dick had a Big One alright, Wiener that is, Right Up – on the roof of his restaurant.

Some History about the Establishment:

The Wiener Shack was founded by Big Dick himself.

The restaurant is now managed by Dick Jr. (aka – Little Dick), after his father, Richard (aka – Big Dick), decided to retire so he could spend more time on his Hobby (drinking) and with his Girls (hookers, not daughters).

Big Dick met most of these Hookers, as they would come into his restaurant, looking to Barter, and he liked that, because it Reminded Him of “The Old Days”. So he would exchange his goods for their services, and it was a win for all parties involved.

When asked why they choose Big Dick’s, as their restaurant of choice, many of the Hookers Said They – “just liked the name” and they were “just drawn to it.. for some reason”, while one even cited the architecture, and went on to say “it just looks like Money” (hmm.. wonder what she meant by that).

Regardless of their reasoning, the Hookers came in Droves, to Get Stuffed at the Wiener Shack.

Big Dick didn’t just like sharing his wieners with prostitutes, he liked sharing them with everyone. And Everyone in the area liked opening up and taking them, which is what made the restaurant such a success, and is the reason it’s still in business today.

So There You Have It – Big Dick’s Wiener Shack, it sounds like quite a place.. You should probably avoid it if you ever encounter it, but still, it’s quite a place.

Which is why you should – Get Your Own Big Dick’s Wiener Shack T-Shirt!

(Get it from us and avoid getting Stuffed at the Shack!)

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Big Dick’s Trivia

Big Dick’s Wiener Shack received National Media Attention, after being mentioned on the Montel Springer Show, by a guest named – Peter “The Ball Boy” .

Peter explained that The Wiener Shack was his favorite restaurant, and he and his brother eat there all the time.

The Show’s Host, Montel, asked Peter when he first became a Patron of the establishment.

After having Montel explain the meaning of the word “Patron” to him, Peter went on to clarify that he and his brother don’t go inside and purchase food from the establishment, they eat leftovers from the trash and Scavenge the parking lot, not only for “eats” but also for “treasures” (mostly shit other people threw away, probably when cleaning out their cars).

Peter has a “Big Dick’s Wiener Shack” Promotional Souvenir Shirt, which he found in the parking lot, and considers it one of his “best finds ever”.

Get It Now and own a piece of history!

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