A Little Place Called Aspen – Dumb and Dumber Reference – TShirt

by BlamTees

Someplace warm. A place where the Beer Flows like Wine.

A Little Place Called Aspen - Dumb and Dumber Reference - Funny - T-Shirt - by Blam Tees

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(This Dumb and Dumber Reference T-Shirt is NOT affiliated with Dumb and Dumber The Movie)

Ever been to Aspen? It’s a helluva place! Orange Lamborghinis, Nice Sets of Hooters, they’ve got it all!

Aspen is also where the News of America’s Moon Landing first broke – It was Great!

It’s a happy place, where people sew their name on the outside of their briefcase.

It’s an honest, trusting place, because there, I.O.U.s, are Just As Good As Money.

But be warned, it’s a place where kidnappers reside, so don’t go selling your worm farm to get there.

Be advised, math somehow works differently in that region, as apparently, One in a Million is somehow pretty Good Odds out in those parts.

If You ever take a trip to a ski resort at A Little Place Called Aspen, and a woman touches your leg, it may be the greatest day of your life. Just be sure to shove her face down in the snow, and hold her there for a few seconds.

And don’t let the women fool you, with All That One in A Million Talk.

If you do ever decide to visit, when you’re finally leaving and heading back home, even if your luck seems down, just be sure to keep your eyes open – and give friendly directions to anyone who may stop and ask for help.

But enough with what everyone already knows about the place. Here’s some information you can use:

The next best thing to a orange or turquoise tuxedo, is a funny t-shirt, referencing a movie featuring two hilarious characters wearing the pair of them. Hey, what do you know – This T-Shirt does exactly that!

This Funny Shirt would also make a great gift for anyone with a sense of humor, so surprise a friend with it, and give them the best cool t-shirt they’ll ever own. Dumb and Dumber quotes are hilarious and everyone loves dumb and dumber t-shirts.

These A Little Place Called Aspen T-Shirts and Hoodies are designed to appear as souvenir shirts that someone may buy when visiting Aspen, but those who have seen the film will know better and should get the joke immediately. Do you know someone who claims to be a hardcore fan? Now you can test their knowledge and trivia skill!

Be sure to Share This Important Info About Aspen With Your Friends!

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