Cool Story Bro – Shirts and Hoodies – Available at BlamTees!

by BlamTees

[UPDATE: The Items Discussed below have been discontinued. However, you can click here to check out the new – Cool Story Bro T-Shirts that have just been released]


Now – Thanks to The BlamTees T-Shirt Company – The World’s Best Cool Story Bro Shirts Have Arrived

We’ve finally decided to give in. BlamTees has recently begun offering Cool Story Bro T-Shirts and Hoodies. They’re available for both men and women.
Why Now? At first we just didn’t like the idea of putting the phrase on a t-shirt, it’s just too simple.

We don’t like printing phrases that are already popular, unless we’re putting our own ironic twist on them, or offering a unique take. Sure we could have come up with something for Cool Story Bro earlier, but it just didn’t interest us then so we didn’t waste our time with it.

Then one day, pretty much randomly, it was decided – it’s time to do a Cool Story Bro shirt, but not just a regular one, that’s not how we roll – so we made an ANTI Cool Story Bro shirt (and hooded sweatshirts).
A t-shirt that would sort of be a satire of Cool Story Bro shirts and hoodies, but at the same time, one that offered a response to Cool Story Bro, without losing that classic to the point sarcastic charm of Cool Story Bro.

This creates one problem, upon seeing the Cool Story Bro RESPONSE tees, some people are going to ask for a regular (non anti) version.

So here’s what we came up with:

A Satire of The Mario Bros and Cool Story Bro – All In One. But We Made Two.

The word “bro” is so infrequently used in the literal sense now days, that the literal use of the word is now somewhat ironic.

So the concept of these shirts starts by parodying the Mario Brothers. Mario seemingly lives to do one thing and one thing only – Save the Princess (yeah, he does other things like – drives go “karts”, but we all know that’s just for the endorsement money).

If you actually met Mario, at first he’d probably be interesting to talk to, he did rescue a princess. But that’s all he does, so that’s all he would have to talk about. Poor Luigi, his brother and loyal sidekick, who receives no credit for his role, must have to constantly hear Mario go on and go on about saving the princes.

So – The First Design in this set – The “Normal” Cool Story Bro design – Features Mario blabbing about Saving the Princess, while Luigi Slams him with the “Cool Story, Bro” line.

The Second Design in the set – is what happens next – Just as Luigi is saying “Tell It Again”, Mario puts him in his place, and delivers the Cool Story Bro Comeback – Don’t “Cool Story” Me, Bro!

Hoodies Also Available – Including The Men’s Blackout Style – Black Hoodie


View All – Cool Story Bro – Shirts and Hoodies

View All – ANTI Cool Story Bro – Shirts and Hoodies

They look great worn alone, or even better as a set!

Get this set Now and Wear Them When You Go Out With A Friend!

Or Just Grab One For Yourself!

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