Cool Story Bro – Internet Meme T-Shirts and Hoodies Released

by BlamTees

The Time Has Come – We’re releasing some New clothing featuring popular internet memes, including a new set of Cool Story Bro T-Shirts and Hoodies, available NOW for Men and Women in multiple colors.

This first design is probably the most unique Cool Story Bro shirt available, and it has Epic Win written all over it (literally – just look at the top corner of the pic). Check it out below:

The Cool Story Bro – Pop Culture Rubiks Cube – Tee & Hoody
Pop Culture Rubics Cube - Cool Story Bro - T-ShirtPop Culture Rubiks Cube - Cool Story Bro Hoodie
Click Here for more info about the – Cool Story Bro – Pop Culture Rubiks Cube Shirt

Yes – These hot Rubiks Cube items are available for both Men and Women!

(If you’re unfamiliar with the phrase “Cool Story, Bro” and you would like to learn more about it, including its meaning, Click the Link Above)


Next up is another Cool Story Bro – T-Shirt, but this one focuses on quality typography and is our Text Only Version, for those who like to keep it simple.

Mens T-Shirt - In Black - With White and Silver Text - Reading - "Cool Story, Bro" Mens T-Shirt - In Light Blue - White 2 Tone Pink Text - Reading - "Cool Story, Bro"

Click Here to check out the Text based – Cool Story Bro T-Shirts – in a larger selection of colors.


The collection wouldn’t be complete without The Response t-shirt. This t-shirt is the response to the “Cool Story Bro” t-shirt, and this one can be worn to counter others wearing a traditional CSB shirt.

This is our very own Don’t “Cool Story” Me, Bro T-Shirt aka – The Anti “Cool Story Bro” Comeback shirt. It’s also a great response to people who over use the CSB phrase. Wear this shirt as means of telling them to shut up!

T-Shirt - Don't Cool Story Me Bro - Men's Red T-Shirt - Don't Cool Story Me Bro - Women's Yellow

Get the Don’t Cool Story Me Bro T-Shirt By clicking that link.


Another internet meme that is taking the world by storm is You Mad Bro? – So we present:

The U Mad Bro? – Mad Scientist T-Shirt

You Mad Bro - Mad Scientist T-Shirt for Men You Mad Bro - Mad Scientist T-Shirt for Ladies

Some people (who are out of touch with our current culture) would like for you to believe this shirt is racist, but ignore them, they’re wrong. They just Mad, Bro. For more information about the U Mad Bro Racism controversy or to view this item, click here – U Mad Bro T-Shirts


The Many Faces of Cool Story Bro – Phrase Variation Shirt.

Black - Cool Story Bro Tell It Again - Hoodie Sweatshirt for Men Pink - Cool Story Bro Tell It Again - Hooded Sweatshirt for Women

This one should be pretty self explanatory. Up top is the phrase that started it all – “Cool Story, Bro – Tell It Again”, followed by various alternative ways to drop the phrase.

Despite the fact the only pictures shown as a representation of this product are hooded sweatshirts, this product is also available in t-shirt form, for men and women, in multiple colors, just like almost all of our products. To learn more about this product or to make a purchase – click here – Cool Story Bro – Phrase Variations T-Shirts and Hoodies


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