BlamTees and C-Rock Fight For Freedom of Expression

by BlamTees

C-Rock has been a fan and supporter of BlamTees from the beginning. You can catch him rocking our gear on stage during his live performances when he’s tearing it up on the East Coast and beyond in the near future. He has been a pivotal member of our Street Team and due to his strong presence and non-stop work ethic, we have decided to extend sponsorship to C-Rock and Grind24Seven for another year. Congratulations C-Rock!

C-Rock peforms while wearing a BlamTees Classic Logo Tee

We’re proud to have you onboard as one of the leaders of our street team and serving as a member and representative of the Blam Fam. Stay Killin’ Em!

If you STILL don’t know who C-Rock is, then you must be living under a damn ROCK.

Rap Artist C-Rock has been featured in live hip-hop shows alongside of Bizzy Bone (of Bone Thugs and Harmony), and Bizarre (of Eminem’s D-12). He has recently collaborated with Madd Illz, the CEO of the highly respected Grind Time Battles.

(C-Rock on Stage with rap star Bizzy Bone of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony – pictured below)

Bizzy Bone on stage peforming with C-Rock by his side

Be on the lookout for “Lyrical Addiction” the new soon to be released mixtape by C-Rock.

Despite the rising presence of Blam Tees in the Hip-hop scene, make no mistake, BlamTees is much deeper than a hip-hop brand. We’re universal. Everyone likes to laugh, smile, and look good. But we’re more than that.

We’re not just about style and comedy or laughing, partying and having fun.

We’re also a representation and endorsement of Freedom. Especially Freedom of Thought, Expression, and Choice. Something everyone can relate to and should be able to appreciate (well, everyone except those dictator type assholes, or just assholes in general who somehow think they should be able to impose their will upon others, but fuck them, impose your middle finger upon their face).

Even those who claim not to care about laughter or happiness are down with us, because our dark and twisted sense of humor touches them in unimaginable and inappropriate ways… Just playing – but they’re feeling us too.

The reason that we speak and appeal to damn near everyone, is because our brand is based around the core values that humans need to thrive and live successful happy lives.

Some people aren’t brave enough to take the Blam Tees challenge and wear our offensive t-shirts out in public, but that’s ok, we can respect that too.

We do this because we love it and we see the way people light up with excitement when they see our cool t-shirts. That look on their face when they see our funny outrageous designs is priceless.

(Btw – Thank You again to the University of Delaware and for the Crazy Support You Guys & Girls Showed Us At Home Coming! We’re Alumni and We’ll Always Be Down For A Cock Fight. OR I mean, We’ll Always be Fighting Hens)

Even if sales stop tomorrow, that’s fine. We don’t care…

Like Jay-Z said:

“I don’t give a fuck if I sold one or one million, but I think you should.

Cause if I only sold one, then out comes the hood.”

Mens Hooded Sweatshirt - Boxed In - Logo Hoodie by BlamTees Women's Hooded Sweatshirt - Boxed In - Logo Hoodie by BlamTees

(The Boxed In Hoodie – Featuring The Notorious Evil Rabbit Logo – by BlamTees Fashion)


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